Kala Red Light Pro
Kala Red Light Pro
Kala Red Light Pro
Kala Red Light Pro
Kala Red Light Pro
Kala Red Light Pro

Kala Red Light Pro

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The Kala Red Light Pro is Canada's best mid-sized Red Light Therapy Device. Ideal for targeting half-body treatment sessions by delivering advanced red and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths. Packed with features including remote control adjustable modes, digital display, Kala Pulse Recovery+ and adjustable wavelengths. Use the Kala Pro's built-in stand or advanced hanging kit to adjust your treatments for the perfect light therapy session every time.

Skin-health (acne, wrinkles, scarring)

Weight Loss (body contouring)


Increase Energy

Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

Psoriasis & Eczema


Sleep Optimization

Libido Boost

Reduce Inflammation

Carpel Tunnel

Hair Growth

Fast & Free Shipping Canada and USA wide

30-day Money Back Guarantee

3-year Warranty

3rd-Party Certified

FDA Registered CLASS II Medical Device

Can be hooked on a door or stood on a tabletop

High Power Output Device

Concentrated Dual Wavelengths 1:1

72 Flicker-free LED's

Adjustable Built-in Stand

Pulse Recovery Mode

Red/Infrared/Dual Settings

Timer Optimized Sessions (10, 15, 20-minutes)

Dual built-in whisper cooling fans

Digital Display

Kala Red Light Device

Charger and Wall-adaptor

Easy to Follow User Manual

Silver Apple Stand

Hanging Kits

Power Cord


Wavelength: 660nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared) 1:1

Shell material: Iron

LED Quantity: 72 LED's

Lens Angle: 30 degree

Lifespan: 50000 hours

Light Output: 360W (5W*72)

EMF Emission is 0.00 at 4 inches

Irradiance: >135mw/cm2 @ distances greater than 6 inches

Certifications: FDA, ROHS, CE, FC

Product Size: 14*9*2.5 Inches

Weight: 5kg

Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Warranty: 3 year

Return Period: 30 days

10-minutes treatments at 6-12 inches away 1 time per day is optimal. Please refer to our treatment guidelines in the footer.

All Kala devices are designed and manufactured following strict medical device standards to ensure the highest degree of safety, quality and assurance. No other Red Light Therapy at-home light therapy device is safer.

Certifications: FDA, RoHS, CE EMC & LVD, FCC.

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18 August 2021
Elana K.
Canada Canada

I purchased the Kala red light pro (medium size) after I red the book about Red Light Therapy and it’s beneficial broad effect. I am a victim of ototoxicology from Gentamicin which destroyed my inner ear and as a result among others I suffer from Tinnitus, lost of hearing, head fullness, and more. Recently the symptoms became worse and I decided to purchase the Kala Red Light with the slim chance for improvement of my head feeling full . I used it gradually , three times a week for 3 weeks and got a headache twice following the session. I called Kala’s team, wanted to know if other people had the same experience and learned that maybe I was too close to the device. I continue with the treatment, being further away for another two weeks four times a week and miraculously my symptoms lessen and even the Tinnitus is weaker. Coincidentally, during the last two weeks I worked in my garden, weeding under a hedge and without knowing I touched Poison Ivy which spread under the hedge from the next door neighbor’s front yard. After a few days my body was covered with blisters. Having the Red Light device, I decided to try to treat the wounds with the light since I read that it can help in psoriasis.MIRACLE! Everyday over 6 days for 10 minutes the horrible blisters got dried out. The rush on my face even didn’t develop into blisters because of my previous treatments. Can’t say more than that, it’s an amazing device. Thank you Kala’s team for encouraging me to continue and not give up on the first three weeks of the trial by extending the 30 days return policy so I felt comfortable to hold to it.

Kala Red Light Kala Red Light Pro ReviewKala Red Light Kala Red Light Pro ReviewKala Red Light Kala Red Light Pro Review
26 July 2021
Cynthia M.
Canada Canada
have not tried it yet.

Am willing to post a review once I do, thanks

23 July 2021
Carrie D.
Canada Canada

Received the Kala Red Light Pro in 4 days. Set up was very easy. Excited to share with my family and friends

07 July 2021
Rachel L.
Canada Canada

What an awesome device. The instructions were very clear and the customer support was amazing. The devices arrived quickly to my apartment and I’ve used it everyday since. It has the nicest warm therapeutic feeling when it’s shining on my skin. It’s helped my lower back pain and rosacea on my face. It’s even removed some cellulite I had on my hips. Red light therapy is incredible. Kala I love you!

07 July 2021
stephen b.
Canada Canada
Great device

Have had this now just over a month. I've been very happy with it. We use in the sauna on a daily basis. The only thing I wish is that it came with a manual and operating instructions. Besides the long wait due to covid I'm very impressed and would recommend to anyone