Kala Neck Rejuvenator

Kala Neck Rejuvenator

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FDA Approved
Multi Wavelength Technology (Red/NIR/Blue)
Touch-sensitive Switch
Medical-Grade LED's
Therapeutic Warmth

Why the Kala Therapy Face Mask?

A true innovation in skincare.

It's futuristic design boasts medical-grade triple chip LED's, dedicated to enhancing skin texture, appearance, and boosting mitochondria production like never before. Welcome to the future of radiant, youthful skin.

In a League of its Own

Kala Light Therapy


55% more effective

vs. previous gen.

Average Competitor

Power Density
Penetration Depth
Treatment Time


Power Density
Penetration Depth
Treatment Time

Protect Your Most Recognizable Feature..

As we get older and spend time in the sun, our skin can develop problems like wrinkles, dark spots, redness, and roughness. But with Kala's advanced light therapy, you can deal with these issues using medical-grade technology without leaving home.

How to Use

We recommend five to ten 10-minute treatments weekly for 4-6 weeks.

  • Charge your mask
  • Start the 10-minute treatment
  • Remove the mask and apply moisturizer to the skin
  • Gently wipe down the wand
  • Why Kala?

    At Kala, we manufacture all our goods from scratch using the finest materials. Our Kala Red Light Face Mask is the strongest and most advanced mask available.

    Professional Affordable Results

    For the price of just 2 or 3 clinic sessions, you can own a medical-grade device and treat your skin conveniently for 10 minutes, whenever from the comfort of your home.

    Join the Kala Family

    Loved By 20,000+ Ecstatic Kala Customers

    Verified Buyer

    April N.

    "100% Worth it! This Kala Mask ACTUALLY works. I use it almost everyday! My skin is feeling extra plump these days"

    Verified Buyer

    Devon H.

    "Mask has been amazing at reducing my redness and irritated skin caused by rosacea and eczema flare ups over winter this year. Has really helped me get on top of my flare ups. Shipping was super quick and amazing customer service."

    Verified Buyer

    Amanda L.

    "I have been using the Kala Mask for about a month now and have been using it for 10 minutes 5 x week. So far excellent results and even random compliments."

    Product Certificate For Kala Light Therapy

    Independently Certified

    All Kala devices are designed and manufactured under world-class quality management systems and conform to the safety standards listed below. No other home light therapy device is safer.

    Certified Number:
    FDA number is 3016171836FCC

    Report No.: LST181168080FRCE
    Report No.:LST181168080ERRoHS
    Report No.: LST181168080RR

    Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

    The Kala Therapy Mask is a cutting-edge skincare device designed to harness the power of red and near-infrared light therapy for improving skin health and appearance. This mask features 66 medical-grade LED's that emit specific wavelengths of light known to have therapeutic benefits for the skin.

    When the red and NIR light emitted by the mask comes into contact with your skin, it's absorbed by the cells in the epidermis and dermis layers. These wavelengths of light are particularly effective at penetrating the skin without causing any harm.

    The Kala Therapy Mask is a revolutionary skincare device designed to enhance skin texture and appearance using medical-grade nano bulbs. To use it, ensure a clean, dry face, adjust the mask for a comfortable fit, power it on, and select the appropriate mode.

    We recommend a course of treatments: three to five 10 minute treatments per week, for 4-6 weeks, followed by routine maintenance as desired.

    The Kala Therapy Mask is compatible with most skin care routines. It can also be used in conjunction with other professional skin treatments such as microneedling, peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, injections or fillers to promote healing and optimise results.

    No, you do not need additional eye protection when using the Kala Therapy Mask. The mask included a set of goggle to protect your eyes from the light emitted during the treatment session. It ensures both safety and comfort while you enjoy the benefits of the therapy.