Kala Athletes - Innovative Performance & Recovery

Trusted by elite professional athletes, our medical-grade Red Light Devices deliver all the healing properties of Red Light Therapy to take your game to the next level.

Check out a few reasons why our Kala Red Light has become a staple for professional athletes worldwide:

1) Scientifically proven to aid tissue healing and alleviate muscle and joint pain
2) Engineered to produce dual wavelengths of 850nm and 660nm for deeper
3) Reduces Inflammation
4) Improves muscle performance

Hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials have backed up the results athletes have seen on the courts, fields and arena's. The results are astounding. Clinical trials showed “significant improvement for the main measures related to performance, including endurance and speed". It was concluded that Red Light Therapy improves muscular performance and accelerated recovery when applied before exercise.
A study researched red light therapy on elite athletes. What was found was that red light therapy after training could increase muscle mass. So, not only does red light therapy accelerate the recovery process, but it also improves muscle strength.

The World's Best Trust the Kala Red Light!


Jeremy Bracco
NHL, Toronto Maple Leafs

Blake Speers
NHL, Arizona Coyotes

Fredrick Allard
NHL, Nashville Predators

Jeremy Groleau
NHL, New Jersey Devils