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Kala Pro & Elite User Manual

Kala Mini User Manual

The skin and surface treatments need much lower doses than deep tissues, and that total body dose (adding up all the light delivered across the body you treat). Due to the high power, high quality and irradiance of the Kala devices, lower doses, from a further distance in most cases will be sufficient and deliver the best overall results.

Kala suggests you remove clothing and apply the light to the desired regions. For instance, if you are experiencing back pain, please take off any clothing and have the light directed towards your back.

The NIR lights on your device are invisible to the human eye - so rest assured all your lights are functioning and working properly even if you do not see them "light up". 

Goggles/glasses are not needed for your Kala Mini. However, we do suggest that you do not look directly into the light, especially if you experience sensitivity to light or are on medications. The Kala Elite and Kala Pro come with goggles which can be used during treatments, specifically when NIR is on. 


Check out this video of our Founder, Cameron for a thorough walkthrough on getting your Kala Pro & Kala Elite set up.


General Recommendations for Kala RED/NIR Light Therapy:

  • The Kala Red Lights are high power lights that deliver effective doses even when moved further away from your body. This allows you to treat much larger area's of the body at once compared to other lights. 
  • The ideal frequency is likely between 3x-7x/week (i.e. up to once per day)
  • Start SLOW. Use the lowest doses of range when first starting out.
  • Be conservative with dosing for any sensitive areas.

For skin issues, optimal treatment times are:

  • 30 seconds-2.5 minutes per area (if the light is 6" inches away)
  • 1-3.5 minutes per area (if the light is 12" inches away)
  • 1.5-5 minutes per area (if the light is 18" away)
  • 2-7 minutes per area (if the light is 24" inches away
  • 3-14 minutes per area (if the light is 36" inches away)

For skin and anti-aging benefits, Kala suggests using it a little further away - from between 12" to 36" away from your body.

Note, having it further away from the body allows you to treat much larger areas of your body at once. In most cases this will bring the best results.

For deeper issues (e.g. muscle, bone, brain, organs, glands, fat, etc.), optimal treatment times are:

  • 2-7 minutes per area (if the light is 6" inches away)
  • 5-10 minutes per area (if the light is 12" inches away)

Body Position:

What is the position should when using your Kala device?

You can sit, stand or lay down. Whatever is the most comfortable position for you to treat the desired targeted area of your body.

Depending on what part of your body you're treating, you may find different positions more comfortable than others. 

Our Pro and Elite come with a door hanging kit. If you choose to use that, then you'll be standing (or sitting in a chair) next to the device. Many people do it this way. 

Kala Mini: 

Standard Treatment: Build up to 10-minutes treatments at 6-12 inches away for optimal results. The Kala Mini is great for targeted treatments.

1. Hold the Power button on the top of the device to power on

2. Hold your Kala Mini 6"-12" away from the desired treatment region

3. Hold the power button on the top of the device to power off

4. Tap the power button one time to see the battery level

Kala Pro: 

Standard Treatment: Build up to 10-minute treatments at 6-12 inches from your device for optimal results. 15-20 minutes for symptomatic areas may be beneficial, but beyond that, the evidence points to diminishing returns (your cells can only absorb so much light at once).

1. Plug your device into a power outlet

2. Hit the Power button on the back of the device

3. Select the Power button on the digital dashboard

4. Select Red/NIR

5. Apply the light to the desired regions from 6"-12" away

Kala Elite

Standard Treatment: Assuming the light is 6" or 12" away from your body, that means no more than roughly 15-20 total minutes of time shining the Kala light is needed. Optimal sessions are 10 minutes once daily.

1. Plug your device into a power outlet

2. Hit the Power button on the back of the device

3. Select the Power button on the digital dashboard

4. Select Red/NIR

5. Apply the light to the desired regions from 6"-12" away

Kala Therapy Lamp

Standard Treatment: For optimal results, aim your Kala Lamp 6-24" (inches) from your face for 30 minutes – 2 hours within the first two hours of waking up. Best results can be seen when used in a dark setting (lights off).

It’s common to see improvement in your mood, energy and concentration within two-to-four days if used for at leased 30 minutes every morning.

To use the Kala Lamp, don’t look directly into the light. Place the lamp about 2 or 3 feet away while you read, eat, work or do other activities. Let the light hit your skin and be absorbed directly into it.

1. Plug your device into a power outlet

2. Gently touch the middle button to turn on the device. Hold to adjust the brightness.

3. Select the button on the left side to change the colour temperature.

4. Gently touch the middle button. The lamp will flash once to show a successful timer has been set. The lamp will turn off after 1 hour. Touch again, the lamp will flash twice to show that the timer has been cleared.

 How to use the Kala Timer on the Kala Elite and Kala Pro:

1. Turn on your Kala Device

2.  Tap the Power button on the digital dash

3. Tap the Time button on your digital dash

4. Select the NIR/RED option

5. Allow for 5 seconds for the timer to begin and the session to start

 How to activate Kala Recovery+ Pulse Mode:

1. Turn on your Kala Device

2. Tap the Power button on the digital dash

3. Select RED/NIR or just the default NIR mode (if infrared pulse is desired only)

4. Click Mode on the Digital Dash

5. Allow for up to 5 seconds for pulse mode to initiate   

Selecting the perfect frequencies for customized sessions with your Kala Pro and Kala Elite:

For more experienced red light therapy users, you can customize which frequency you want to use for your Kala Pro and Kala Elite device. Please see the below different frequencies and the associated benefits and focus of each.

Please note, majority of users will experience incredible results with the standard RED/NIR setting.

The Kala Pulse Recovery+ Mode is great for inflammation, recovery and deep tissue healing. You can adjust to the different frequencies on the digital display of the device. Please refer to the video at the bottom of this page on how to do so.

A frequency - 929 Hz
Cellular Vitality Resonates with Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms: • Skin • Ears • Glands • Teeth • Nerves • Brain • Eyes • Spinal Cord • Assists wound healing • Nerve repair • Reduce inflammation • Repair of skin • Reduces scar tissue • Reduce tumors

B frequency - 584 Hz
Nutritional Metabolism Resonates with Enoderm (innermost tissue) that forms: • Lungs • Liver • Gall Bladder • Bladder • Thyroid Gland • Pancreas • Urethra • Thymus Gland • Lining of the intestinal tract • Auditory Tube • Improves nutritional assimilation • Balances the parasympathetic nervous system • Alleviates allergy problems

C frequency - 1,168 Hz
Movement Resonates with Mesoderm (middle tissue) that forms: • Connective tissue - ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle & bone • Cortex of the Adrenal Gland • Pain in muscles, skeletal or my-facial* areas • Heart • Blood • Lymph vessels • Ovaries • Testes • Kidneys • Spleen

D frequency - 2,336 Hz
Coordination • Coordinates the two sides of the brain • Reduces Stress

E frequency -  4,672 Hz
Nerves • Pain • Spinal Cord • Skin Disorders Resonates with the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system: • The spinal cord carries the messages of the central nervous system from the brain to all other parts of the body. • The peripheral nervous system extends from the central nervous system. These nerves extend to the outermost areas of the body - to the organs, limbs and skin. Veterinary experience: • Reduces excess calcification such as bone spurs and arthritic joints

F frequency - 73 Hz A harmonic frequency
Emotional Reactions • Balances Hormones • Muscle spasms • Facial Pain • Headaches • Depression • Healing of non-healing bone fractures • Balances thalamus and hypothalamus - two major body control centers Resonates with the subcortical or lower regions of the brain: • Speech • Memory • Hormones balance • Unconscious reactions/reflexes • Improves circulation

G frequency - 146 Hz A harmonic frequency
Intellectual Organization • Memory • Psychological disorders • Nervousness and worry Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain: • Thinking • Imagining •  Reduces inflammation and scar tissue on tendons and ligaments

 How to change the frequencies of your Kala Pro & Kala Elite:

1. Turn on your Kala Device

2. Tap the Power button on the digital dash

3. Select RED/NIR or just the default NIR mode (if infrared pulse is desired only)

4. Click Mode on the Digital Dash

5. Click Frequencies on the Digital Dash

5. Wait til 0-0-0-0 sets, than tap "frequency" again to customize the desired frequencies

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to customize your frequencies during your session!

red light therapy frequencies